Top 10 Must Dos for Virtual Teams

Technology has re-imagined what’s possible for the workplace environment in organizations. Now a growing number of workers don’t even show up in the office as half of all organizations use virtual teams with members spread across the country or even around the globe. Virtual teams offer distinct advantages for leaders in your company, including the potential to boost productivity, hire from a larger, more qualified pool of people, and provide employee flexibility while reducing the time and cost of travel.

But with the potential for greater productivity comes the potential for greater disconnect.

Virtual teams aren’t always used to their fullest potential as leaders struggle to harness their potential to meet real-world productivity benchmarks. With these kinds of challenges, it's not hard to see why many virtual teams lose sight of their leaders' goals. The good news is that your leaders don't need to feel lost when it comes to virtual teams. Although the techniques required to lead virtual teams may differ from those in an office setting, the core principles remain the same.

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