John C. Maxwell's Roadmap for Healthy Confrontation


Nobody likes conflict , so everybody avoids it—including the managers and team leaders in your company.

Whenever conflict arises, managers can be tempted to avoid it, procrastinate dealing with it, or ask someone else to resolve it. Instead of dealing with the issues of an unmotivated employee, teams often go silent and work around the problem person, creating artificial harmony—until it blows up into a full-blown conflict and good employees leave.

The good news is that your leaders can create an environment where motivation is both valued and rewarded.  By following a few key steps for motivating employees, your managers can achieve their goals and help the company thrive.

This whitepaper outlines:

  • How Successful Companies Navigate Confrontation
  • The High Price of Conflict
  • The Most Popular Responses to Conflict
  • The Confrontation Principle

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